MMICT – Magical Maths India Certified Trainer

Mathematics is one subject which can boost the overall result of a child. Unfortunately, it is also the major cause for bringing down the result. This is across different boards of studies. It has been observed that most of the unsuccessful candidates are unsuccessful because of Mathematics. It is the main culprit in the case of almost 80% to 90% failures.

Most schools have very well-qualified math teachers. A majority of the students also take private coaching for math outside the school. Then WHAT IS THE REASON FOR POOR PERFORMANCE??

Experts opine that it is generally the way math is taught in schools and tuition classes that students start hating math. They dread the subject and developMath Fear. They DO NOT enjoy doing the math. This leads to poor performance.

Our specially developed program for school teachers has the potential to increase their effectiveness and reduce mistakes of the students, leading to better performance and higher grades.

School Teacher Training is in 2 categories:-
(1) Primary Level
(2) Secondary Level

Our motto is “No child left Behind, Make every child a Winner”.