Magical Reading

Magical Reading – read faster

Too much syllabus… too less time

As the child grows, so does the pressure of increased syllabus. Today a child has just no time… no time to play, no time to pursue his/her hobbies, no time to be with siblings, parents & grandparents… no time to revise, no time to focus on weak areas, no time to learn life skills. It is just school, tuitions, school homework, tuition homework, school tests, tuition tests… Phew..!! This is life for the students, especially the students above grade 9, more so during grade 10 & 12 board exams.

This tricky situation also takes its toll on IAS, IPS, IRS, ICS aspirants, Engineering and Medical aspirants, MBA aspirants, students pursuing careers in law, CA, CS and a slew of new career opportunities. Keeping awake late nights for studies, catching just a few hours of sleep takes a toll on their mental and physical well-being. This can be easily avoided by multiplying the reading speed without compromising on the grasping / understanding.

The solution is our specially developed course for Effective speed reading “Magical Reading”

Our motto is “No child left Behind, Make every child a Winner”.