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Research shows that more than 85% children HATE mathematics.

Why is it so ?
– and if a child hates a subject, how can we expect him/her to willingly learn it ?
– and if the child does not learn willingly, then it surely affects his performance.

The problem is not with the child but it lies in the way mathematics most schools and tuition classes.
– Why do most people fear Math?
– Why is Math boring for most students?
– Why is it not made interesting to learn?
– Should one learn math just because it is a scoring subject?
– Why is so much focus given to remembering so-called mathematical rules?
– Can’t the children make their own rules?
– Why do children have to keep mugging up formula?
– Are the children aware of the use of the topics being learnt in their real life?
– Is Math just a calculation skill?
– Why can’t the child choose any method for calculation?

If we can answer the above questions, we would have addressed most issues associated with mathematics.

Our Way
We work towards developing both Formative and Summative skills in the students. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Techniques (CCE) are used. We develop their Problem-Solving Abilities (PSA). We also work towards solving those problems faced by students which are generally not addressed in most schools, tuition classes, and other learning centers. This is because we have a Child Centric approach as against their Teacher Centric approach.

Our motto is “No child left Behind, Make every child a Winner”.